We’re passionate about delivering truly authentic creative communications tailor made to your business


We help build your presence to compete more effectively.


Your job is to sell. Our job is to stimulate desire. To create a climate of opinion in your marketplace that makes it easier for you to win business and keep it.

Working closely with our clients, we help discover their purpose, vision and values and build their market presence to ultimately drive up margin.


You’ll have a powerful brand platform from which to engage different audiences in the best ways. Our expertise embraces naming, visual and verbal identity, brand roll-out, internal brand communication, marketing communication and investor communication.


Our creative marketing communication builds strength and effectiveness collectively through consistency of style and content. The more that people perceive an integrated strategy and see you following the same, sound design principles, the more they believe in the strength of your brand, creating a lasting connection between your brand, employees and customers.

We offer ambitious, forward thinking businesses a strategic brand design service with tactical creative support to ensure the integrity of the brand is implemented effectively and consistently throughout the business.


We find most clients come back for more of the Wylde treatment, so we provide ongoing consultancy and creative design services, looking after their day-to-day brand management and marketing communications requirements. We build deep, long-lasting relationships with our clients, so we become an extension of their team.






Helping our clients to stand out  and shine in their market is what we do best.


• Research

• Brand strategy

• Brand architecture

• Brand identity

• Naming

• Vision & values

• Copywriting


Creating a strong connection with your audience to generate solid leads.


• Literature design

• Web & digital design

• Advertising

• Direct Mail

• Integrated campaigns

• Exhibitions

• Video

Visual consistency is critical for your brand to build strength and equity.


• Brand guidelines

• Master literature templates

• Proposal templates

• Sales presentations

• Print management

• Software interface design

• Brand guardianship

The Wylde bunch

With over thirty years in the business, Wylde Design Associates has built up an eclectic network of strategic partners to support the team. Specialists in their own field, you can be confident you are dealing with the best talent in the business, whether it's market research, brand design, marketing strategy, web development, copywriting, animation or video.


Martin Wylde

Founder and Creative Strategist

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